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Welcome to Kumara School!

A Letter from the Founder

In 1983, with two young daughters in tow, I arrived at what was then an abandoned school site and immediately knew I had discovered a place full of magic.  As I worked to design a program that could evolve, I took on two roles, one as an innovative educator and the other as a parent.  I have always made decisions for the school based on my wishes for my own children’'s success and happiness as preschoolers and in life.  Kumara School is built upon the principles of loving kindness, compassion for all and mindfulness.  We believe that each child at Kumara School is a special and gifted collaborator in our program. 

Now, many years later, my children and the school have grown. Like my children, the school has developed into a far more wonderful place than I could have possibly imagined.


Whenever I meet Kumara alumni, we begin by sharing fond and fun memories.  Then as they are telling me about themselves, I often realize how the school has given them the foundations for empathetic problem solving, environmentalism and life-long learning that brings them their success.  My top priority has always been creating a place where children can thrive and I am always thrilled when I can see the positive results of the deliberate decisions and organic changes that have occurred in the years since Kumara began.  
Kumara is about spirit.  The many families, children and teachers who have been a part of Kumara over the years live on as their  influence continues to touch and shape the program.  Their spirit never leaves; it is woven into the tapestry that is Kumara School.  

Each day brings with it something new to learn and experience, and with that, I welcome you to a wonderful adventure. 

           - Wende Kumara

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